Ibrahim Nasser

For those of you who did not watch Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadhi's interview with brother Ibrahim Nasser during Ramadhan, I urge you all to take the time to do this as I had given you a very modest account of his story in my previous post... I could never do his story justice in words...

This video is dedicated to every Muslim who is looking for the path to *******ment... to every Muslim searching for the true meaning of submission to Allah... to every Muslim who is trying to find within him/herself a sense of inner serenity... to every human being who is seeking to find meaning to life on earth .... to Ibrahim's family who spent countless days and nights around his bed emanating 'hope' to the world around them .... to his mother who knew no boundaries to loving her beautiful son ... and especially to Ibrahim himself (may Allah's compassion be with him) who left this world and yet lives on in the hearts of so many people that he continues to touch

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تاريخ النشر : 08/11/2010
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